The Morning Lavender
Guide to Dresses

An online boutique's guide to the best dresses and latest styles

Here at Morning Lavender, we love dresses! Our fabulous frocks set us apart from big box retailers and online dress boutiques alike. Our dress collection is carefully curated with the everyday gal in mind. Morning Lavender dresses are feminine and classic. From floor sweeping maxi dresses to sweet babydoll minis, we have a dress for every occasion.

Consider this your ultimate dress guide! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the dresses we love!

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Dress Lengths

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are a Morning Lavender favorite! Maxi dresses exude effortless elegance. An elevated waistline makes the wearer appear taller, so this style of dress is perfect for petite gals! These floor length gowns are modest, but that doesn’t mean they can't be flirty and glamorous as well. Maxi dresses are truly the most versatile kind of gown.

In the summer, a tiered maxi is a staple. Maxis can be loose and flowy, so they’re ideal for warm weather. A sequined v-neck maxi is the kind of gown you pull out for holiday parties and weddings. Floor length gowns are reminiscent of old Hollywood and carry a timeless beauty. No matter the kind you choose, you can’t go wrong with a cute maxi dress!

Featured Maxi Dresses

Midi Dresses

Can’t choose between a mini and a maxi dress? Why not have the best of both worlds? A midi dress is the answer to your dress dilemma. These feminine dresses traditionally hit mid-calf—they’re longer than a mini, but shorter than a maxi. Think of them as a happy medium! They’re worn when a short dress wouldn’t be appropriate, but a dazzling maxi might feel too formal.

Midis come in all different fabrics and designs, so if you haven’t found the perfect one yet, just know that it’s out there. Our best tip for finding the right midi? Choose one with a defined waist for the most flattering fit!

Midis can feel very classic and retro, so they’re perfect for girls who long for the grace and simplicity of a bygone era. Midis can feel fresh and modern, too! Pick one with a slit to show some skin. Make midis an everyday thing with a Morning Lavender dress!


Mini Dresses

Everyone loves a good mini dress. They’re flirty, youthful, and fun! Mini dresses are a classic. This kind of dress hits above the knee. Minis can be super short, but they don’t have to be! Even a classy knee length dress is considered a mini. We love every kind of mini out there! You can find minis absolutely everywhere, but a dress boutique like Morning Lavender
is bound to have something out of the ordinary.

These girly dresses make a great choice for formal events, but our favorite kind of mini is the casual sundress. The Morning Lavender gal knows there's no better way to beat the heat than in a mini! Styling a mini is all about the shoes. Sandals, sneakers, or flats bring a sweet simplicity to this kind of dress. Heels or wedges a drama and flair! Whichever way you decide to wear it, minis are meant for you!


Best Dresses for Occassions

Casual Dresses

Finding the right casual dress is so important. These dresses are a staple and will make up the bulk of your wardrobe. Casual dresses were made for everyday wear. From running errands to dinner with friends, these dresses will be there for you during the joys of simple life. Cute boutique dresses bring feminine charm to your wardrobe.

Casual dresses can come in a variety of lengths and styles. We like to have a variety of casual dresses in every length! Our favorite casual dresses are patterned. We’re always crushing on florals, gingham, stripes, and polka dots! The great thing about casual dresses is how easy they are to wear. Simplify your look with sneakers, or add bling for a nighttime look. No matter how you slice it, you can never have too many casual dresses!

Featured Casual Dresses

Formal Dress

There’s nothing more exciting than the opportunity to wear a formal dress! Who doesn’t love the chance to dress up? Many events involve a formal dress code: prom, weddings, fancy dinners, elegant parties, and more! Formal dresses were made for memories. These gowns come out for the most special occasions.

A formal dress can come in any length or style, but we think formal maxis are the most dramatic and glamorous! What makes a dress formal? Think materials! Satin, tulle, and silk make for beautiful gowns. Solid colored frocks feel the most elegant, but a patterned dress can be formal too! Whatever kind of finery you choose, you’ll be the belle of the ball in any Morning Lavender dress!


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Dress FAQ

How do I wear the same dress from day to night?

It just doesn’t make sense to buy a different dress for every occasion! Many dresses transition well from daytime to evening. Layering with a denim jacket or sweater is a good way to prepare for a change in weather. Additionally, layering makes the outfit a tad dressier. A change in accessories can help, too. For example, adding a delicate necklace or blingy earrings can create a little more glamor. Lastly, don’t forget to change up the shoes! Many dresses work well with sandals as well as wedges or heels.

How can I keep my dress collection fresh year round?

Depending on the climate you live in, it can be easy to wear the same dresses year round. It’s all in the layers! For example, a short sleeved babydoll is suited for warm weather. However, layering the same dress with a denim jacket, felt hat, and boots creates a perfect fall look! Don’t be afraid to get creative with shoes, outerwear, tights, and hats. Wearing the same dress different ways prevents you from feeling like an outfit repeater!

How do I find the perfect dress?

Finding the ideal dress can be tricky! We have a few tips that we use to make sure we’re completely in love with something new. First, be sure to walk around in it! Make sure you’re comfortable moving, sitting, standing, dancing, or whatever you expect to do while wearing it. Next, imagine how you’d wear it. Do you need to buy any shoes or accessories to make it work? Lastly, think of the right setting to wear it. Can you imagine at least one realistic circumstance where you'd wear this dress? If the dress passes all these tests, you’ve found your perfect match!

How to transition my wardrobe from season to season?

When you’ve found the perfect dress, it’s hard to put it away when the weather changes. We believe in buying pieces that can move from season to season. Of course, not all dresses work for every temperature! Adding layers is a great way to switch up your favorite pieces. Tights, turtlenecks, and sweaters make great layering pieces. Bonus points if you can work in some transitional colors! For example, warm, rich tones can help summer pieces feel more autumnal. Some pieces naturally work better!