Lovely to meet you 🫶🏼

Welcome to Morning Lavender's ambassador program - Lavender Lovelies 💜

who is a lavender lovely?

Creators - Do you enjoy fashion and discovering new ways to to style pieces? Share your passion with your followers and enjoy a special discount!

Loyal Customers - Already live and breathe Morning Lavender? We believe passion and authenticity is the best way to share your favorite brand with friends and family.

Entrepreneurs - Do you have a photography or styling business? Earn commission on the items you are already sharing with your customers!

It's the perks for me...

  1. Exclusive discounts on our best selling items 🛍
  2. Priority access to new products and sales 🫶🏼
  3. Personalized discount code to share with your audience 💜
  4. The opportunity to be featured in front of our 200,000+ Instagram followers. 🤤
  5. Be part of a community that shares your love for feminine fashion and styling 👗
  6. Earn commission on every referred sale ✨


With clothes this cute, who wouldn't want to be a Lavender Lovely?