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Guide to The Best Skirts and Latest Styles

Here at Morning Lavender, we love skirts! In fact, we’re practically experts. Consider this your go-to guide to skirts. Keep reading to learn about the history of skirts, current skirt trends, how to style skirts, and more.

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The History of the Skirt

The skirt as we know it today is an iconic piece of feminine clothing. Modern skirts come in all different styles and can be worn for practically any occasion. However, this hasn’t always been the case. Let’s take a look at the history of skirts!

When were skirts invented?

The skirt has ancient origins that stretch back thousands of years! In prehistoric cultures, skirts were worn by both men and women. These simple garments were more functional than they were stylish. Skirts were just the easiest way to cover the lower body.

There have been many iterations of skirts since prehistoric times. In fact, it’s only in relatively recent times that skirts became women’s clothing. For example, in ancient Rome skirts were exclusively for men. Roman soldiers wore leather skirts that came to symbolise masculinity and agility in combat. But how did skirts transform into our favorite piece of clothing?

How did the modern skirt originate?

Prior to the 1920’s, dresses were the more popular clothing option for women. Women’s skirts were stiff and uncomfortable, with corsets, hoops, and dramatic bustles. However, this started to really change in the early 20th century. Hoops disappeared, and hemlines began to get shorter. In the 1920’s, French designer Coco Chanel designed a skirt that was looser and longer, hitting below the knee. Women of the 20’s embraced this skirt trend--in a way, it was freeing. This skirt afforded women more comfort and movement than restrictive skirts of the past.