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Guide to The Best Tops and Latest Styles:

Spring and Summer Edition

Shopping for tops can be tricky, but we’re here to help. Our guide will help you style your favorite shirts, select tops for every occasion, and answer any questions you might have about this clothing staple.
Keep reading to learn about top trends for the spring and summer!

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Guide to Spring and Summer Tops

Ever wondered the difference between square neck and boat neck? Can’t tell a puff sleeve blouse from a flutter sleeve shirt? From sleeve length to neckline to material, there are so many different kinds of women’s tops. This guide to shirts will help you find the perfect top for any occasion that comes your way.


Boat Neck Top

Boat neck tops are similar to crew necks, but they extend slightly further out and display the collarbone. Audrey Hepburn made the boat neck top iconic–remember Sabrina? This classic style has retro vibes and provides a lot of coverage, so it can feel very modest. Because it extends so high, style this top with long layered necklaces.

Featured Boat Neck Tops

Off the Shoulder Top

An off the shoulder top cuts across the arms, showing off the shoulders. This flirty style can have long sleeves or short sleeves. French actress Bridgitte Bardot popularized this style in the ‘60s, so this shirt is sometimes called a Bardot top. The origins of this style actually go back even further; women in the Victorian era often sported the off the shoulder look. Today, this feminine style is popular in the summertime. Wear it with jewelry to draw attention to the neck and collarbones, or pair it with an updo style for the same effect. 

Featured Over The Shoulder Tops

Scoop Neck Top

Scoop neck tops have a rounded, low neckline similar to the crew neck, but lower cut. This simple style can be found on long sleeved and short sleeved tops alike. Scoop neck tops accentuate the collarbones and lengthen the neck. Add to the lengthening effect with small earrings or a dainty necklace!

Featured Scoop Neck Tops

Square Neck Tops

This classic neckline looks just as you’d imagine! Square neck tops come in all styles and materials; they can be worn for all occasions. Although they may seem modern, square necklines were very popular in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. This style shows off the wearer’s collarbones and is a great way to draw attention to a favorite necklace. Square neck tops look fantastic on everyone!

Featured Square Neck Tops

Sweetheart top

Sweet as can be, the sweetheart top is a feminine favorite. Resembling the top half of a heart, the sweetheart neckline has a romantic feel to it. Sweetheart necklines add a girly flair to any top. This style can be subtle or dramatic, and usually has a low cut. Sweetheart necklines can come on any kind of women’s top, so it’s appropriate to wear to any occasion! This neckline is delicate and dainty, so wear it with subtle jewelry to draw attention to the collarbones. .

Featured Sweetheart Tops

Sleeve Type

Cami top

A cami top has no sleeves; instead, it has very thin straps. Also called the spaghetti strap top, this style can be both casual and formal. A stretchy knit cami can be worn as an undershirt or layering piece, while a satin cowl neck cami is the perfect piece for dressy occasions.  This sleeveless top is a natural choice for summer, but can be layered with cardigans or jackets to transition into cooler weather

Featured Cami Top

puff sleeve top

Puff sleeves have such a dreamy, romantic feel! The puffed fabric looks almost cloudlike. The sleeves are typically short, but can be long too. Originated during the Renaissance, this sleeve has reemerged due to the cottagecore trend–a style inspired by idyllic farm life.

Featured Puff Sleeve Tops

short sleeve top

Short sleeves are a popular sleeve length. This style hits above the elbow, typically on the upper shoulder. Short sleeves can be found on casual tops, like tee shirts, or more elegant tops, like flutter sleeve blouses. Short sleeves are a fantastic choice for warm weather, but they can be layered over a long sleeve top when it’s cooler out.

Featured Short Sleeve Tops